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Is Google Chrome Slowing you down?

Here is a little gem I came across the other day; and would like to share with you.

My PC the other day was grinding to a halt when surfing the web and I couldn’t figure out why. When I opened up the task manger (Ctrl-Shift+Esc), I saw that In the Processes tab, Google Chrome had 13 processes running. Ranging from around 320Mb to 12Mb, all hammering away at my memory. That was just for 1 tab, that doubles each time you open a new tab. As you can imagine my CPU was running at amost 100% and my RAM wasn’t far behind.

The basic concept is that in order for Google Chrome to show you all the pretty things in all their glory and to “go the extra mile”, it needs to run a few background processes. However, this is at the cost of your CPU and RAM resources.

The fix. First close all your tabs so you have the Google Chrome search screen and noththing else. Google Chrome has its own task manager. Select the 3 dots on the top right hand corner of the page, select more tools then select task manager. There should be 2 or 3 Tasks running, titled Browser and GPU Process and possibly others. Beneath these will be subframes. Select each subframe and select end process. If the website needs one of these to run, it will automatically start again. If not, you have saved yourself valuable CPU and RAM space.  But wait….. Theres More…

On the same menu, 3 dots, more tools, this time select Extensions. You may or may not be aware that these little buggers are either helping or hindering you. If your unsure simply turn them off - these extensions also add to the amount of processes running.

In conclusion, I went from 13 processes running for one tab; to 3. My CPU went from running at 100% to 5% and my RAM usage dropped considerably too.

Posted 7 weeks ago