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SEO - Search Engine Optimising

Recently I was asked, “How do i get my page to show on google, in the first 3 pages of results?” My default, throw away answer, was always SEO. That night though, I thought about it and soon realsied that I was wrong.

You see, you could have the best site in the world, optimised to the nth degree. But still be on page 8,723,648 on the google search result. Yes, I agree SEO is important and il cover that at a later date but for now, below are some tips which will ensure you have a bettter page ranking and ultimatly more visitors.

In no particular order, here we go,

1. Links to your page. People need to find your site, just as much as the google web crawlers do. The more high quality and popular pages that contain your link, the more google will take note. For example, a golf equipment online website. Im sure there are plenty out there. Unless you are stocking a one of a kind type of golf club that can only be purchased at your store, your site will be lost with all the others, behind sites which have been around for years. However, if you were able to get a link from golfonline.co.uk to your site (one of the first results when searching for golf gear), google will take note, that there is some kind of link between the popular online store and yours. This in turn will bump up your page on the ranking index.

2. Search engines love fresh content on pages. Rather than re invent the wheel once or twice a year, why not add or embed a blog onto your site. That way, every time you blog - your page gets a fresh update and the search engines take note.

3. Search for yourself. Imagine you are a potential customer, who is new to the area. Make the search as broad or as narrow as you like, but pay attention to the results. On google for example, the first few results are paid adverts (il come on to that later), next is a map of local businesses which match the search criteria, followed by the actual website results, finally followed by more paid adverts. Can you put your link as in point 1, on any of the results which are shown such as Yelp or Google Businesses.  Dont limit yourself. My personal preferance of search engine is google. But not everyone would agree, so use internet explorer, bing, yelp, firefox and chrome. Each will display different results. If you can get in the first 3 pages of all the search engines, you are onto a winner.

4. Decent content. Review your site from time to time. Ask yourself, is my site relevant, does it display all my services. Does it look dated and old. Be carefull when using dates on your site, an old date will make the potential customer think that they are looking at old information.

5a. Get the traffic. Ultimatly, the best way to get your site on the first few pages of a search engine, is to have a popular page which is viewed and used regularly. Advertise your site and get people to open it. Refain from advertising all the elemets of a service you are providing, instead include a line like “50% discount on all stock, click my site for more information”.

5b. Remember point 3. Paid advertising. An almost guarenteed way of ensuring that your advert is on the first few pages of a search. Facebook, google, yelp etc all have paid advertising. Facebook is relativly cheap to advertise and since a lot of people use it, its definalty worth utilising. Search engine advertising is a little more costly, the very basic package being around £80 - £100 per month.This is because its viewed by more people.

6. Finally, apply to have your page indexed. This is free with google and bing however there are no guarentees that it will be sucessfull. My opinion is, its free so give it a try.

Posted 69 weeks ago