Thinking of having a FREE website created by MBIT Website Design?

This offer is for an entry level site, providing you with an online footprint, outside of social media i.e. Facebook. Although the features are minimal, it provides viewers with all the necessary detail to find and contact you. This includes links to your Facebook page.

The basic rule is that, the more the website is advertised, the more it will be viewed, and this will “hopefully” result in additional custom. 

There is no cost for this website. The reason for this, is that both our businesses benefit from the site. Your business for the reasons listed above, and mine because I discreetly include advertisements for associated companies and businesses including my own. By taking this offer you will save over £75, which is my entry level website creation cost. This includes an annual saving of £7 for the domain name. If you would like more features on your site, please take a look at my website for a comprehensive price list for full (ad free) website.

Finally, there is no charge for any maintenance of these sites. If you require any amendments to times, prices or other details, please contact me and I will make the necessary changes immediately.